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Jane King Pilates - Exercise Videos


These are videos of live exercise classes. You can purchase access for 2 weeks and exercise along with them at your own pace and repeat as often as you wish.

Choose from these exercise classes

Stretch Exercise After Sitting - £4

Shoulders and Posture 1 - £4

Shoulders and Posture 2 - £4

Shoulders and Posture 3 - £4

Pilates - Beginners Plus - £4

McKensie Method - Treat Your Own Back - £4

Calves and Feet - £4

Muscle Control = pain control - £4

Spine and Legs - £4


Alternatively you can choose monthly membership and have access all these and future videos

Monthly Membership - £10 per month


Please do not push through pain

Stop if it is painful

Anyone following the classes does so at their own risk and it is their responsibility to work safely and within their own limits.