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Based in Brighton and Hove, I’ve worked as a remedial massage therapist and Pilates teacher for over 20 years. I’m qualified as a Body Control Pilates teacher and am an accredited HIP Pilates™ teacher. I hold a Diploma from the London School of Sports Massage as well as diplomas in Aromatherapy and Swedish massage.

I’ve long been fascinated by the body and how it works. Back in the late 1980s, I was organising triathlons in Nepal when I first became inspired to become a massage therapist, qualifying initially as a Swedish and Aromatherapy practitioner. I then completed a remedial massage qualification at the London School of Sports Massage, moved to Brighton, and set up my business.

Over the years, I’ve built up a loyal client base and have successfully treated hundreds of patients with a wide variety of injuries, strains and other body problems. I’ve worked as a therapist at the Brighton Centre, treating performers from all around the world, and have spent 11 years as part of a dedicated team of therapists for Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club.

My interest in anatomy and nutrition coupled with a desire to extend my skills to work more holistically for my clients’ wellbeing led me to train as a Pilates teacher. I believe that Pilates and remedial massage perfectly complement each other; Massage helps to loosen up the body’s muscles, ensuring they work to their optimum during a Pilates session, enabling you to build greater strength, flexibility and mobility.

I am a qualified Body Control Pilates and studio equipment instructor and also teach Pilates for pregnancy. I now run a variety of Pilates and HIP Pilates™ classes in Brighton and Hove that suit all abilities.

Here’s what my clients say about me…
"After a serious road traffic accident and years of problems with my pelvis and lower back I went to see an eminent back surgeon in Brighton. He immediately put me in touch with Jane in the hope of easing my prolapsed disc without an op. Jane’s comprehensive knowledge of the body, combined with her excellent understanding of how to create a sensible and effective program of exercises to match an individuals’ specific needs is superb. It has been a number of years now that I have regularly attended Jane’s Pilates mat class and also have regular massage for body maintenance. As well as keeping me upright and pain free it is always a complete pleasure. The six to eighteen months that the surgeon gave me before it was likely that I would need some sort of treatment from him is now almost four years behind me."
- Adam L

"I have been attending Jane’s classes for over 3 years. They are very friendly and relaxed and Jane always gives everyone her personal attention (adjusting exercises where necessary to cater for individual needs). This means each person is given a good level of challenge to suit them. The classes have a consistent core set of exercises that we build on, progressing over time, and are kept varied with the use of different equipment. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane for anyone looking for a Pilates class in Brighton and Hove."
- Rebecca C

"Jane has extensive knowledge of the body, and this enables her to bring a holistic approach to massages, carefully tailoring them to the person’s needs. She does that through the consultation beforehand about how your body is right now and feedback at the end of the massage. There are enormous benefits in having massages on a regular basis, weekly or fortnightly, as I have been doing for some time now. Any strains or muscle discomfort can be dealt with before they become a problem, and with Jane’s guidance I can do a lot myself to prevent aches and pains from developing. That goes a long way to promoting confidence in everyday life. I see my massages as a really important part of a healthy life-style. Pilates classes and regular massages – the two work so well together. Jane’s expertise in both makes it a great combination for health and well-being."
- Nicki G

"Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. You really have taught me so much and made me understand my body better. If I feel a bit fed up before my class with you, I always come out feeling on top of the world and ready to get through another week."
- Alison

"After a fairly serious back injury in 2004, the specialist recommended Jane King’s mat pilates class as a way of regaining my flexibility. My wife decided to join me, and we have now been weekly regulars for over 15 years. Jane’s expertise is very self-evident. She always asks about our general health and well-being before we start the class, so that any problems can be addressed and catered for in the exercises that follow. Jane always warms us up first, and there is a gentle warm down at the end, by which time we are feeling good about ourselves, and what we have achieved in the sixty minutes.

We have both gradually progressed from complete beginners to the point where we are now doing fairly advanced movements during most of our one hour class. Our flexibility has increased quite dramatically thanks to Jane, and some movements we were unable to complete at first are now achievable. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to try, or continue with, mat pilates. Jane always manages to sustain a nice, friendly atmosphere during the class, whilst keeping us all working hard! "
- Alain & Linda H